What we do?

We can help at any point in the community change process, including...

  • Working to identify your specific needs.

  • Collaboratively building a workplan with you.

  • Undertaking project creation and management.

  • Reporting on current circumstances or the outcomes of new projects.

  • Helping you establish next steps and achieve sustainability.

Where we work?

We work across the country, but are based in Roanoke, Va.

We work with communities of all kinds, including…

  • Small towns & rural areas

  • Small & medium sized cities

  • Major metropolitan areas

  • Regional partnerships

  • State level initiatives

Bottomline, we will work with any community that desires to find new solutions to their ongoing issues.

How we work?

Collaboration - We believe that all problems must be solved in collaboration with partners. Impact is achieved by working together.

Innovation - We believe that the answers to the problems we face often has not yet been discovered. Thinking differently and looking for new answers to old problems is that only way to move forward.

Research - We believe that, even if the full answers have not been discovered, there is immensely valuable data to be found elsewhere. Every community has something we can learn from.

Data - We believe that solutions must produce tangible results. To determine this, we focus on having quality data from both before and after experiments.

Flexibility - We believe that most projects fall short in some way. Every project we work on has mechanisms that allow it to be adapted or, if needed, terminated.